Saturday, April 30, 2011

Jupiter Farms Home Relisted

When you make an offer on a home that is bank owned you truly feel there is no BS involved the decision is soley made on numbers and terms. I don't know if this is true looking at what I have seen today.

Just over a month ago, we put on offer on a beautiful Jupiter Farms home, listed at $295,000... We liked the home and felt it would be good for our family for a year or two. We had to sign somthing saying it would be a full time residense and offered $300,000 cash, 3 week close. We made this offer on day 2 of the listing, the listing agent told us the bank didn't look at multiple offers and just took the first price they were OK with, $295,000 cash. Being a bank owned home, the property is supposed to give first dibs to owner residents as apposed to investors.

So just listed today, not even marked SOLD on MLS yet, 9268 Sandy Run Rd $449,000 in Jupiter Farms, as I was told these residents planned on living in the home, but have decided not to sell there waterfront home and are unfortunitly going to have to sell the home, all be it asking $150,000 higher then what they paid.

This Jupiter home would have been perfect for us, and I can't believe that!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Wow might be moving quicker then I thought

With 5 months left to find a perfect house, found signs of Mold in the beach house. Wow, I can't believe this is happening, with coughs throughout the house, now it the time to get the house tested. No more trying for a year, no more making it to 6 months.. If anything in the next 3 months we need to be somewhere else if this test shows up positive.

So with that there have been 2 new listings all day, none of which would be suitable for a young family with 2 big dogs.

723 Pinehurst Wy in PGA National asking $419,900

450 SAVOIE Dr in Frenchman's Reserve asking $1,394,900, also available for rent for $8,000 a month..

So there is the latest news in my house, in my search, please let the tests be negative, please let this nightmare be over. Tip for the future, next time you get a rental, get an inspection first!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Perfect House with the Imperfect Price Tag

Welcome to my search, as nothing has interested me at all up until now and then I see this. Newly listed, but between the house price, the actual listing detail, the price tag will make it sit. Almost 4000 sq ft in Palm Beach Country Estates in Palm Beach Gardens, although the agents posted the house under West Palm Beach and named it the Acreage, but if you look at the directions it is clearly in Palm Beach Gardens and in Palm Beach Country Estates. By saying Acreage and West Palm Beach, they definitly should have slashed the price $500,000. Even then it should be down atleast $200,000; since when are people paying more then the seller paid in 2005. Just my luck, I will wait to see what happens with this house, if I even remember it, as I rarely look in West Palm Beach for my personal search. I am not going to mention the address not to get anyone in trouble, but come on sellers this is your most valued possession and you are listing your house with someone who doesn't even know the city it's in, I guess maybe no one else wanted to list it for that price as they knew they would be wasting there time..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Today in the New's in Palm Beach "The shortened version"

Ok, I am starting to get a bit stressed, if homes keep coming on the market like this we will be homeless for a long time. 4 new listing ALL day, I am tired and I am losing patience with the lack of inventory... I am a realtor, how can I sell something that is not there, I am a buyer, how can I find something that is not there, and when I was a seller, why did I sell? My dilerium of being tired right now is going to give you a very quick Palm Beach Real Estate update.

8621 SE SOMERSET ISLAND WAY $1,695,000 in Islands of Jupiter, near my old yellow Tequesta riverfront house so makes no sense for me.

162 Via Veracruz in the Paseos $499,999, only around 2400 sq ft so to small for me and frankly a little over priced in my search as I obviously want a deal (its not like I am picky or anything)

590 N CYPRESS Dr in Cypress Ridge in Tequesta. Looks like a cute Tequesta home, but unless it is on wide gourgeous water, I am moving South!!

Last but not least, 3870 North Longview Drive in Jonathans Landing for $739,000, I might consider Jonathans Landing, but on water in under $1 Million dollar home.. So this non-waterfront home just doesn't fit my easy to find criteria.

So I am bit overwhelmed with the lack of optionis, or is it underwelmed, so there goes another day closer to having to be out of my Jupiter Island beachfront paradise.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I thought I was waiting for the Holidays to be Over, Now I am Waiting for Summer

Everyday I get that call saying what is new today and what can we go see, as the real estate market is so ever changing, A year ago I could have handed you a new list on a legal size sheet on a daily basis, now I walk away with a post-it size sheet saying this is it "The New's"

19550 N 66th Ter on 1 acre in a somewhat in town location asking $450,000.. (OK just for funny's sake, the agent wrote on the contract, "Home can be difficult to find" and what does that mean?

156 Thornton Dr in PGA National asking $345,000.

You might then ask me what else, what else, and then I will show you because you don't believe me when I say that is it as of 1PM today.. My new's for my Palm Beach home search.

Monday, April 25, 2011

So the report on new listings in Palm Beach Real Estate is Slow, but the report on Contingent Properties is up

You ever notice you want something as soon as you can't have it anymore.. Welcome to my house hunt. So today in the news as of 3PM goes as follows;

9969 Daisy for $230,000 in Palm Beach Gardens.

109 Jeanette Wy in the Preserve at Jupiter for $349,000

310 Vizcaya Dr in Mirasol for $935,000

So no huge additions to my last list of new listing for the day..

12 properties were market either, Sold, Pending or Contingent today.. More gone then new...

826 Madison Ct in Evergrene asking $375,000 is contingent
10392 Peachtree Cir in Gardens Hunt Club asking $419,000 is pending
121 SEDONA Wy in MIrabella for $549,000 is pending
135 Via Catalunha in the Paseos asking $649,000 is pending
125 Renaissance Cir asking $449,900 in Northfork is now pending
19008 SE Loxahatchee River Rd asking $499,900 just Sold for $455,000 in the Moorings
156 SE Turtle Creek Dr ing Turtle Creek just sold for $495,000 sold for $405,000
531 Les Jardin Dr in Frenchmans Reserve asking $900,000 sold for $850,000
415 SAN REMO Dr in Tuscany at Abacoa asking $429,000 Sold for $400,000
105 Isle Verde Wy in MIrabella asking $439,900 Sold for $422,900
15875 Westerly Ter in Jonathans Landing asking $595,000 Sold for $505,000
122 Via Mariposa in Mirasol asking $1,069,000 Sold for $950,000

I missed a day on the New's or Maybe there were no New's to Report here in Palm Beach

As I get a start on the morning, negotiating my rental, lets hope we can get that signed an sealed today.. It really is a beautiful home in Island Country Estates.

Today in the News offers a home in Evergrene; 1219 Merlot Dr asking $499,000 which is 3 bedrooms and a den with a pool, (not a bad deal and on a nice street in Evergrene), a home in Egret Landing; 1200 S Egret Cir a 5 bedroom home with a pool asking $567,000 (I wonder where they got that number from?)It backs up to another home, and I won't ever do that again, (unless we have an acre between us), and last but not least (or maybe) a home in Jonathans Landing asking $599,000 3562 Lantern Bay Dr, home looks nice just Jonathans is just not for me.. I love the community just my family and animals need more space to roam.

So I have a great feeling this week is going to be pasked with new Palm Beach Real Estate, lets hope!! We have been here 3 weeks now, and the thought of leaving gets harder and harder, our beautiful little house on the Ocean in Jupiter Inlet Colony, is like out of the movies. I can only hope we find something nice to move to as we get spoiled here everyday!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is the Easter Bunny on its way, because I need to listings to start coming on the Market

As we are about to approach Easter, I hear the second largest holiday, second to Christmas, I am preparing for my first family party at the beach house on Jupiter Inlet Colony. I have my hubby cooking, and lots of food for everyone to enjoy.. Easter Eggs filled with candy for the kids and baskets already prepared "by the easter bunny of course" ready for the kids to wake up to.

So today in the news couldn't get much slower. There was a house I would LOVE to see in Olympus, but why is it asking so much, I do not want to be the most expensive in a community, the house I just missed in there was asking $845,000 and this $1,075,000 are they CRAZY, a price increase from $999,000 can I say why? So you didn't sell for what you were asking so you should ask more. 120 Pegasus Dr looks very pretty, but a price increase, can you tell I just can't get over it!!

On to the news for the day:

1 loneyly listing: 541 Overlook Dr in North Palm Beach asking $854,000. Cute North Palm Beach home, just not for me..

EVeryone out there, Happy Easter, and enjoy the rest of your weekend..

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Good Friday to my Palm Beach Home Followers or Searchers

So I took a morning off from hitting refersh every minute to see if anything new came on the market. I enjoyed the beach over here in Jupiter Inlet Colony and shopped to get ready for our Easter feast.. How my party just keeps getting bigger?

But I had to run in and check to see if anyone was working today.. As I looked I found 3 new listings with my criteria, not for me, but here is what they were..

142 KEY LANE in Jupiter Key, which is nice accross the street from the ocean, just to small of a yard for my massive Great Dane and Labrador retreiver.. This home was asking $725,000.

148 KEY Lane also in Jupiter Key, this is a short sale with a small yard as well but this could be a great deal for someone as it is asking $599,000. I think I am going to email blast this house, good price to be so close to the water in town Jupiter.

121 Echo Lane in the Loxahatchee Club, I think I want to stay out of a Country Club, but this Jupiter Country Club happens to be one of the nicest and the home is a good deal asking $985,000

So there is my days Palm Beach Home Search. I will look again tonight and report, but don't think we'll see to much with the holidays ahead.

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my Jupiter Island Oceanfront Palace, and try not to think about the next 5 months going to quickly..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday's New's and a New thought

Maybe with the holidays coming up people are waiting for after Easter and Passover to list there home. As todays New's showed 4 new listings; 630 Riverside Rd in North Palm Beach asking $1,599,000, 17741 SE Federal Highway in Tequesta asking $1,250,000 (I got really excited about this one until I realized although the agent listed this as a single family home, it is infact a duplex), 15700 N 78th Dr in Palm Beach Country Estates asking $324,999 (Add 1,000 sq ft and a pool and I am sold), and 13162 N 179th Ct in Jupiter Farms asking $297,500 (Just not for me). So with a crazy long weekend ahead I can only hope that more properties come on the market.

I think if I might get adventurious, I'll add rentals to the list. The thought is if I can rent a house that I would never be able to afford, it might be cool to have an unresponsable home for a year.. (Yes, a year, no 6 months and have to move again) I hope!!

So as my Palm Beach Home Search continues, I am positive atleast today, that something will come up for us..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Listing- Maybe a look

Looking at news again, and today there is one that seems interesting. I guess the question would be; do I want to renovate another home? 11300 W Teach Rd in Pirates Cove in Palm Beach Gardens, is a 2000 sq foot home that probably needs updating and another 1000 sq ft, but the location in Palm Beach Gardens is great and it is on the water.

The only other new listings today are; 10286 Hunt Club in the Gardens Hunt Club, and 412 Eagleton Cove in PGA National. It still surprises me how little comes on the market everyday.

So I guess I should try to take a drive by and check it out. I am only concerned that would be another rental, because updating is not simple, quick, or easy.. Wow, talking myself out of it while I speak..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Price Change on a Jupiter Home - Abacoa Martinique

Meeting done and I checked the news, anything new for me.. There is still only one property that was listed this entire day.. There was however a price change in Martinique, that I may want to take a look at. I don't really think it is for me, but I might have to take a peak. It is a beautiful 3400 square foot home in one of Abacoa's newest sections. I went back and looked to see if there was anything else like it, and there is one other home similar with a pool, but I just don't know. Being an agent I don't want to waste anyones time unless I am serious, but I should look at something, shouldn't I.

I think maybe I'll pass, I don't think this beautiful Abacoa Jupiter home is for me, I will keep looking. I mean 5 months to find a home is a long time right??

Its the afternoon New's Check for Palm Beach Real Estate

So I figured 15 minutes before an apppointment, I'd see what's new for the day.. It is almost 1PM on Tuesday and there is ONE new listing so far today, what is going on. With my Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter criteria, 3 bedrooms, 2100 sq ft plus.. Its a cute house in Jupiter Farms, but a little further west then I would want to be, my picky self. Me being my own worst client, I wonder how anyone buys a home..

I will check again after my meeting and I am sure a hundred times after that, but that is the Afternoon Palm Beach Real Estate report for me finding a home for my family.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Officially Closed and Homeless

So goodbye yellow house, goodbye river house, goodbye Tequesta house.. I can say all the things I loved about my home on the river in Tequesta and wonder why I sold it, but I guess it is done and the search continues. When you want the perfect house and everyday you look at what came on new, or the new's as I call them, it can be quite depressing.. My home in Tequesta had a huge lot for the kids and the dogs, beautiful Loxahatchee river views, an amazing master bathroom, and closets to die for, but I wanted change. All my buyers get change I thought it was my turn.

I wish there was something I saw that came up that I even wanted to look at so I could report back about it being great or bad, but nothing.. I have an ongoing search called "if we sell" I guess it's time to rename it, "cause we sold." So today in the New's 2 homes in Egret Landing, and Evergrene, 2 Mirabella's, a few Mirasol's, and a PGA National. Am I so picky, I just don't see anything, someone needs to put something on the market that makes me say, I want to atleast see that, right.. maybe later, maybe tomorrow, but we have 5 in a half weeks to not find a place but to close and be settled and time moves quickly when you have nowhere to go.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Daily List of New Listings in Palm Beach Florida

As I look at new listings everyday, waiting for that perfect home to come on the market. Here are the weekends new listings; Egret Landing, 1134 LAKESHORE asking $385,000, PGA Nation, 7 Thurston Dr asking $559,000, Jupiter Shores, 18845 Big Cypress Dr asking $409,900, PGA National 252 Canterbury Drive W asking $340,000, Mirasol 512 Via Toledo asking $749,000, Egret Landing, 293 S Hammock Pt asking $359,000, Valencia at Abacoa 320 Murcia Drive, asking $825,000, and Martinique at Abacoa 338 CARAVELLE Dr, asking $589,900. So as you can see with my criteria; Palm Beach Gardens Homes and Jupiter Homes, more then 2500 sq ft and atleast 3 bedrooms there is not much to look at for the weekend. I am hoping Monday will be a new day and have new listings I want to take a look at and give a full report on, but now, I have 6 months to find a home and nowhere I want to go.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where to move in Palm Beach Florida?

Being in real estate, I have seen everything, I have sold Estates from Boca Raton to Port Saint Lucie, but now when it's me that needs to find a home, I think I know to much! I want a little bit from every town and a little but from all communities. So here's my pick, I want a lot like Palm Beach Country Estates, in a community like Evergrene with tennis court like Mirabella, with an HOA fee like Egret Landing. Ok I forgot and a home like Frenchman's Reserve custom section of course.. Two more things I forgot, and a price tag like the Paseos and location like Jupiter Inlet Colony. So now that I have to get realistic about what I want, with only six months to be moved in and ready, that fictional place in my head that doesn't exist what is really important.

So as I stated before, being in real estate, I should know it all, but as you can see I obviously know to much.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Great Price Drop on Ritz Carlton Jupiter Home

I recently visited this beautiful home in The Ritz Carlton in Jupiter, and thought it was beautiful. It has double extentions in the family room and the master bedroom. There is a lake view off the side of the home which makes it offer more private then most Ritz Carlton homes. This home located at 426 Red Hawk Dr has just been reduced to $1,749,000 reduced from $1,899,000. If you are looking for a beautiful home in a great community full of service and luxury, this is it.

The Ritz Carlton located here in Jupiter is a beautiful country club community that offers all of the services of a full service Ritz Carlton.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Lake Worth Estate Home Sold By Distinct Estates

Kelley Dubovsky of Distinct Estates just sold another beautiful home. Located in Sherbrook Estates, 8760 S Kendale Cir is a gorgeous 5 bedroom, 4 and a half bath home on over an acre. Sherbrook Estates located in Lake Worth is a beautiful community offering large acre plus estates in the heart of Palm Beach. This horse friendly community offers tennis courts and a clubhouse.

When looking for a home in Palm Beach Florida, look no further then Distinct Estates. Kelley negotiated a great deal for her buyers and is looking forward to helping you find your perfect Palm Beach Home.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Loxahatchee Riverfront Home In Tequesta

Turtle Creek Home in Tequesta


Frenchmans Reserve - Palm Beach Gardens Home Sales

Frenchmans Reserve is a beautiful country club community located in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens. Located minutes to the beach, mall, and Downtown, Frenchmans Reserve offers easy access to everything.

Currently there are 39 homes for sale in Frenchmans Reserve, ranging from $795,000 to $3,595,000. There are 10 homes under contract and waiting to close. To view currently listed Frenchmans Reserve Homes

Palm Beach Gardens offers easy access to Palm Beach International Airport, great Beaches, as well as one of the largest malls in all of Florida, the Palm Beach Gardens Mall.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Distinct Estates on Jupiter Island

Distinct Estates sells Jupiter Island Homes and now the broker and owner will be moving on the ocean in Jupiter Inlet Colony. As we move this week, it is so exciting to know we will be staring at the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean everyday. Spending the day on the ocean today, I realize the reason for being in Florida is in my backyard.

Jupiter Island is home to some of the most well known celebrities and successful people in the World. Jupiter Island offers low density, ultimate privacy, and amazing estate real estate. Jupiter Island offers some of the most natural beauty and ultimate lifestyle.

Palm Beach Gardens Homes and Communities

Palm Beach Gardens offers some of the nicest communities in all of Palm Beach Florida. 3 communities that I compare the most when people are looking for a gated non-country club community in Palm Beach Gardens.

Mirabella, Evergrene, and Paloma are newer gated communties in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens. Mirabella offers a beautitul clubhouse, tennis courts, and kids playground and child room. Evergrene offers a gorgeous pool, fitness center, and beautiful community lake.. Paloma is the newest community offering beautiful clubhouse and pool.

LOcated in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens with some of the best restaurants, shopping, and entertainment, these beautiful communities all are special and are something to see if you are looking for a gated non country club community in Palm Beach Gardens.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jupiter Island Homes - Oceanfront Estate Homes

Jupiter Island offers some of the most amazing estate homes in all of South Florida. Jupiter Island offers oceanfront, intracoatal, as well as golf course estates.

Offering a home to some of the most well known celebrities, Jupiter Island is an exclusive community with a very well known name. As we have moved on the ocean in Jupiter Inlet Colony, it is not uncommon to see helicopters flying by to catch a glipse of something or someone on the ocean.

Jupiter Island offers low densisty, amazing privacy, and absolutly beautiful estate homes.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Frenchman's Creek Beach & Country Club Community

Frenchman's Creek is a private, gated single-family country club community located in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens. Central to the areas finest dining, shopping and entertainment, Frenchman's Creek offers amenities as an exclusive and private Beach Club directly on the Atlantic Ocean, two 18 hole Championship golf courses with 6 sets of tees for all level of players. 16 Har-Tru courts with 9 lighted for night play, extraordinary security, and navigable waterways for those interested in boating and deep water sports, a brand new fitness center and spa with state of the art equipment, sauna and steam room, just to name a few.

Regarded as the pinnacle among its South Florida peers, Frenchman's Creek Beach & Country Club has come to set the standard to which other country club communities aspire.