Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I thought I was waiting for the Holidays to be Over, Now I am Waiting for Summer

Everyday I get that call saying what is new today and what can we go see, as the real estate market is so ever changing, A year ago I could have handed you a new list on a legal size sheet on a daily basis, now I walk away with a post-it size sheet saying this is it "The New's"

19550 N 66th Ter on 1 acre in a somewhat in town location asking $450,000.. (OK just for funny's sake, the agent wrote on the contract, "Home can be difficult to find" and what does that mean?

156 Thornton Dr in PGA National asking $345,000.

You might then ask me what else, what else, and then I will show you because you don't believe me when I say that is it as of 1PM today.. My new's for my Palm Beach home search.

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