Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is the Easter Bunny on its way, because I need to listings to start coming on the Market

As we are about to approach Easter, I hear the second largest holiday, second to Christmas, I am preparing for my first family party at the beach house on Jupiter Inlet Colony. I have my hubby cooking, and lots of food for everyone to enjoy.. Easter Eggs filled with candy for the kids and baskets already prepared "by the easter bunny of course" ready for the kids to wake up to.

So today in the news couldn't get much slower. There was a house I would LOVE to see in Olympus, but why is it asking so much, I do not want to be the most expensive in a community, the house I just missed in there was asking $845,000 and this $1,075,000 are they CRAZY, a price increase from $999,000 can I say why? So you didn't sell for what you were asking so you should ask more. 120 Pegasus Dr looks very pretty, but a price increase, can you tell I just can't get over it!!

On to the news for the day:

1 loneyly listing: 541 Overlook Dr in North Palm Beach asking $854,000. Cute North Palm Beach home, just not for me..

EVeryone out there, Happy Easter, and enjoy the rest of your weekend..

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