Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New Listing- Maybe a look

Looking at news again, and today there is one that seems interesting. I guess the question would be; do I want to renovate another home? 11300 W Teach Rd in Pirates Cove in Palm Beach Gardens, is a 2000 sq foot home that probably needs updating and another 1000 sq ft, but the location in Palm Beach Gardens is great and it is on the water.

The only other new listings today are; 10286 Hunt Club in the Gardens Hunt Club, and 412 Eagleton Cove in PGA National. It still surprises me how little comes on the market everyday.

So I guess I should try to take a drive by and check it out. I am only concerned that would be another rental, because updating is not simple, quick, or easy.. Wow, talking myself out of it while I speak..

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