Monday, April 18, 2011

Officially Closed and Homeless

So goodbye yellow house, goodbye river house, goodbye Tequesta house.. I can say all the things I loved about my home on the river in Tequesta and wonder why I sold it, but I guess it is done and the search continues. When you want the perfect house and everyday you look at what came on new, or the new's as I call them, it can be quite depressing.. My home in Tequesta had a huge lot for the kids and the dogs, beautiful Loxahatchee river views, an amazing master bathroom, and closets to die for, but I wanted change. All my buyers get change I thought it was my turn.

I wish there was something I saw that came up that I even wanted to look at so I could report back about it being great or bad, but nothing.. I have an ongoing search called "if we sell" I guess it's time to rename it, "cause we sold." So today in the New's 2 homes in Egret Landing, and Evergrene, 2 Mirabella's, a few Mirasol's, and a PGA National. Am I so picky, I just don't see anything, someone needs to put something on the market that makes me say, I want to atleast see that, right.. maybe later, maybe tomorrow, but we have 5 in a half weeks to not find a place but to close and be settled and time moves quickly when you have nowhere to go.

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