Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Perfect House with the Imperfect Price Tag

Welcome to my search, as nothing has interested me at all up until now and then I see this. Newly listed, but between the house price, the actual listing detail, the price tag will make it sit. Almost 4000 sq ft in Palm Beach Country Estates in Palm Beach Gardens, although the agents posted the house under West Palm Beach and named it the Acreage, but if you look at the directions it is clearly in Palm Beach Gardens and in Palm Beach Country Estates. By saying Acreage and West Palm Beach, they definitly should have slashed the price $500,000. Even then it should be down atleast $200,000; since when are people paying more then the seller paid in 2005. Just my luck, I will wait to see what happens with this house, if I even remember it, as I rarely look in West Palm Beach for my personal search. I am not going to mention the address not to get anyone in trouble, but come on sellers this is your most valued possession and you are listing your house with someone who doesn't even know the city it's in, I guess maybe no one else wanted to list it for that price as they knew they would be wasting there time..

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