Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Price Change on a Jupiter Home - Abacoa Martinique

Meeting done and I checked the news, anything new for me.. There is still only one property that was listed this entire day.. There was however a price change in Martinique, that I may want to take a look at. I don't really think it is for me, but I might have to take a peak. It is a beautiful 3400 square foot home in one of Abacoa's newest sections. I went back and looked to see if there was anything else like it, and there is one other home similar with a pool, but I just don't know. Being an agent I don't want to waste anyones time unless I am serious, but I should look at something, shouldn't I.

I think maybe I'll pass, I don't think this beautiful Abacoa Jupiter home is for me, I will keep looking. I mean 5 months to find a home is a long time right??

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