Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday's New's and a New thought

Maybe with the holidays coming up people are waiting for after Easter and Passover to list there home. As todays New's showed 4 new listings; 630 Riverside Rd in North Palm Beach asking $1,599,000, 17741 SE Federal Highway in Tequesta asking $1,250,000 (I got really excited about this one until I realized although the agent listed this as a single family home, it is infact a duplex), 15700 N 78th Dr in Palm Beach Country Estates asking $324,999 (Add 1,000 sq ft and a pool and I am sold), and 13162 N 179th Ct in Jupiter Farms asking $297,500 (Just not for me). So with a crazy long weekend ahead I can only hope that more properties come on the market.

I think if I might get adventurious, I'll add rentals to the list. The thought is if I can rent a house that I would never be able to afford, it might be cool to have an unresponsable home for a year.. (Yes, a year, no 6 months and have to move again) I hope!!

So as my Palm Beach Home Search continues, I am positive atleast today, that something will come up for us..

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