Saturday, April 16, 2011

Where to move in Palm Beach Florida?

Being in real estate, I have seen everything, I have sold Estates from Boca Raton to Port Saint Lucie, but now when it's me that needs to find a home, I think I know to much! I want a little bit from every town and a little but from all communities. So here's my pick, I want a lot like Palm Beach Country Estates, in a community like Evergrene with tennis court like Mirabella, with an HOA fee like Egret Landing. Ok I forgot and a home like Frenchman's Reserve custom section of course.. Two more things I forgot, and a price tag like the Paseos and location like Jupiter Inlet Colony. So now that I have to get realistic about what I want, with only six months to be moved in and ready, that fictional place in my head that doesn't exist what is really important.

So as I stated before, being in real estate, I should know it all, but as you can see I obviously know to much.

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