Wednesday, July 27, 2011

We finally tired him out


My next junior realtor.. My little munchkin loves showing homes here in Palm Beach..

He knows how to use the lock box and loves locking doors and turning lights off after the showing.. Tired him out in an afternoon.. Sincerely,

Sandy Pitchford
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Palm Beach Real Estate Sales

So after being a little disheartened by the sale in Evergrene that closed for $435,000 which was asking $689,000.. A new listing in Evergrene came on the market today... Asking $685,000 Short Sale of Course

So if I didn't offer on it I would be foolish, but being the first to offer on the first day listed, offering low, is not always the smartest thing to do!! But how can you not.. We put an offer on the house, not as low as tthe $435,000 but not near there $689,000 ask.. It doesn't have the crazy beautiful upgrades the others have, but it has the square footage and the lake view. So now it is in the seller and the banks court..

I guess I will wait and see but scared they say no and scared they say yes.. What if we hear from Tuscany and they say yes? I liked that home, but I do like Evergrene better! What if I go from no one saying yes to everyone, isn't that life all or nothing.. We say no to Tuscany to find out Evergrene says no a month later.. One of these short sales has to come through soon!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

This Ever Changing Palm Beach Market

I often use this Blog to vent about my ongoing experience trying to buy a Palm Beach home, and that does not change today at all. If you have read this blog at all, you know I am looking for a deal, and I like Evergrene, Abacoa, Egret Landing, Paseos, and Frenchmans Reserve. So when a listing comes up in one of these communities I am the first to see it. Well about 2 months ago a home in Evergrene came on the market, it was asking $689,000.. It had a little water damage and was a short sale, listing agent was pretty clear they wanted close to asking seeing as a similar home had recently closed for $715,000. Well the home closed on Friday for $435,000, so as you know I was not the buyer unfortunitly, how did they get that deal? How come I didn't offer? Is this really a scam? All these questions and my search continues, but now ever tougher as we will compare everything to this 3600 sq ft, 3 car garage home, with a pool in Evergrene that just closed.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Evergrene Home Back on Market

So as the days move forward, a "New Listing" just came on the market in Evergrene, a beautiful Eliston model with the office downstairs, large loft, pool, not much yard, and nice upgrades. We infact put an offer on this home when it was on the market 3 months ago.. So it's not really a new listing as much as a resurfaced listing. The house is amazing, layout OK, impressive on the inside.. So what do we do.. As you probably read from the last Blog we are waiting to hear on the Tuscany house in Jupiter which the BPO was finally ordered, when that gets done??? So the phantom property, again holds us back from an offer on a real property...

The house in Evergrene is over 4,000 sq ft under air with amazing upgrades and no yard but beautiful pool, the one in Tuscany is seriously missing upgrades, but offers around 3500 sq ft under air, no pool.. I wish I could decide, hubby said he would prefer Tuscany home and him saying that means something, but the Tuscany home would end up being for numbers sake.. $500,000 for the home..$50,000 for upgrades, and $35,000 for pool and in the end, you would have spent $585,000 for amazing 3500 sq ft home on the preserve with a pool.. The Evergrene house I thought of putting a one time offer of $675,000 so for $90,000 I would have 500 more sq ft, no work, no yard, and be in Evergrene vs Tuscany?? Any thoughts, anyone give us an idea of what to do..

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jupiter Tuscany Short Sale Might be Getting Closer, I Hope!

So with 17 offers in, maybe I’ll hear from one, one day.. We found out the house in Evergrene that we were interested in is going to be taken off the market as the seller, “no longer wants to sell” Of course not, his asking price was $150,000 over value and probably wasn’t getting any showings. So all we have left is an offer we have on a short sale in Frenchmans Reserve and an offer we have on a short sale in Tuscany. To be honest I would take either or both, as both would be amazing deals. I just don’t know if we have enough time to get these deals done. We have 45 to 75 days left in this house, and currently have no where to go.. I just heard today the BPO on the short sale in Jupiter’s Tuscany was ordered, I can’t get to excited cause I don’t really know what that means, as it still has a bankrupcy attached to it and so many more details to get through. But I guess it is something!! I guess I will take something over nothing…

As nothing new continues to come on the market, waiting is the best thing I can do. Anyone who said this Palm Beach Real Estate market was easy and there is so much variety to choose from, had no clue whatsoever!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Wow what a beautiful face


When you live in Palm Beach Florida, you are close to everything! SeaWorld in Orlando, my son Dylan loves the rides.. What a blast!! I miss it already.. Sincerely,

Sandy Pitchford
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Egret Landing Home in Jupiter

When looking at buying a home there are so many things to think about. We were currently interested in buying a home here in Jupiter in Egret Landing. The home was not the perfect floor plan, pretty destroyed inside from a divorce situation, and the lot was beautiful.. well atleast it had very nice large side yards. Something we need with big dogs and kids who love to run and play. We thought we could get a great deal and then when putting numbers together it seems to fall short. If you need to put money work energy and time into a home, at the end of it all shouldn't it be worth more then you have into it. Isn't that what sweat equity is all about. This home needs all new floors, the wood was so destroyed I couldn't imagine trying to save them, then next the kitchen needed a nice coat of granite, then move to the master bath, from shower water damage, new tile, new flooring, new sinks, and tops, as the cabinets wouldn't even close they were so swollen from water.. New closet systems, new doors, as they had holes in them, (I won't ask) and so many other little things, my numbers were up to around $75,000 to fix and that doesn't touch the kids bathrooms and railing on the stairs.. So yes at the end of the day, put $75K in you could get it out, but not a dollar more, for all that work time, energy, is that enough to buy a house and work that hard just to have it worth what it is, I would rather him do the work and pay him an extra $15,000 in a mortgage to get it done.

So on to the crazy Palm Beach home search that consumes me and takes all my time and energy from the important things.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Search for A Palm Beach Home

So if you have read my Distinct Estates Blog at all you know what hell I am going through trying to find a home.. As you can probably read my frusteration, maybe I am picky, maybe I just want a something amazing! Something not out there. Having come from living in a beautiful riverfront home in Tequesta, to renting a house on Jupiter Inlet Colony on the Ocean how can you move from that. We want to be in a family community seeing as we have 2 little kids ages 3 and 1, but want to be close to everything. Oh yeah and I forgot to say we have a great dane and a labrador, so can't be on a postage stamp lot.

We have bid so far on homes in: (Yup the list is that long) Jupiter Shores. Egret Landing, Mystic Cove, Evergrene, Jupiter Farms, Frenchmans Reserve, Paseos and Tuscany in Jupiter.. Wow I'm so sick of writing contracts with my name on them!! So losing foreclosure bids, in short sales, and running out of time.. Thinking we settle for OK, cause perfect will never be out there. We lost $500,000 on our last house, so maybe a bit gun shy, my own worst client. I know what it is like to work with buyers like myself and am pateient and understanding, but for myself, I am so over it.. I just want a home for the kids, I want to put up pictures, and paint my sons room blue, and be there. I love Egret Landing for the tennis courts, I love Evergrene for the location, I love Frenchmans Reserve for the ammeneties, and I like Paseos for the price. So what is the right choice, not perfect, the right choice?

Monday, July 11, 2011

IPAD more then just for work

We have tried everything to get my almost 2 year old to sit still, tv, books, coloring, every toy possable.. But he finds mommy's very expensive IPAD.. So no more searching for Palm Beach Real Estate, its Dora and coloring...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Downtown at the Gardens - Palm Beach Gardens Homes

Went to Downtown at the Gardens tonight. What a great night, Cabo Flats, Carousol, and Fro Yogurt.. Family staying at Frenchmans Reserve and wow everything is so close.. Last night for my parents and one more for my sister.. Even with bad weather we lucked out renting wave runners in Tequesta..

This is such a great place to liveN we are truly lucky to live in Palm Beach!

Sandy Pitchford

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fireworks on Jupiter Island

Jupiter Island is such a beautiful site, add some fireworks and wow. Jupiter Inlet Colony was quiet, but we tried to add a little of our own noise. Dylan my 1 year olds shouts boom, and loves a SNAKE..

I can't figure out how to turn the picture around.. :(

Jupiter Abacoa 4th of July Carnival

Wow was Jupiter's Abacoa packed for their celebration for the 4th of July. I heard the fireworks were amazing. I wish the kids would have lasted long enough to watch. BounceU had a ton of slides and bounce houses and there were lots of great looking food carts and music. Jupiter is such a great place to live here in Palm Beach Florida.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Jupiter Abacoa 4th of July

We are off to Jupiter's center of town for the kids 4th of July celebration.. I'm just hoping its not going to be packed and its not going to be crazy. Abacoa typically has beautiful functions with great parties.

Jupiter home to some great communities and real estate.

Palm Beach Country Club Homes

Palm Beach offers some of the most beautiful country club communities in all of Florida. Palm Beach is known for offering some of the best golf and clubs for social and tennis ammenties as well. Located in Jupiter, is Admirals Cove, a beautiful gates waterfront community, which is truly one of a kind. Admirals Cove is known for having amazing waterfront properties, as well as an amazing clubhouse, marina, golf, tennis, spa, and community area. Another great Palm Beach Country Club community is Old Palm, located in the heart of Palm Beach Gardens, Old Palm is a true golfing community, with many great activities all catered to golf and improving your golf game. Bears Club located in Jupiter as well is known as the highest end golf club in all of Florida, with its new est resident Michael Jordan building a monster estate, The Bears Club is known for its amazing estate homes, privacy, low density, and a great location close to all of Palm Beach's best activities. The Ritz Carlton here in Jupiter is a beautiful country club community that offers all the best ammenties of a classy Ritz Carlton Resort, but with homes and time share units. The Ritz Carlton offers an amazing golfing facility, kids club, spa, and dining.