Monday, July 18, 2011

Egret Landing Home in Jupiter

When looking at buying a home there are so many things to think about. We were currently interested in buying a home here in Jupiter in Egret Landing. The home was not the perfect floor plan, pretty destroyed inside from a divorce situation, and the lot was beautiful.. well atleast it had very nice large side yards. Something we need with big dogs and kids who love to run and play. We thought we could get a great deal and then when putting numbers together it seems to fall short. If you need to put money work energy and time into a home, at the end of it all shouldn't it be worth more then you have into it. Isn't that what sweat equity is all about. This home needs all new floors, the wood was so destroyed I couldn't imagine trying to save them, then next the kitchen needed a nice coat of granite, then move to the master bath, from shower water damage, new tile, new flooring, new sinks, and tops, as the cabinets wouldn't even close they were so swollen from water.. New closet systems, new doors, as they had holes in them, (I won't ask) and so many other little things, my numbers were up to around $75,000 to fix and that doesn't touch the kids bathrooms and railing on the stairs.. So yes at the end of the day, put $75K in you could get it out, but not a dollar more, for all that work time, energy, is that enough to buy a house and work that hard just to have it worth what it is, I would rather him do the work and pay him an extra $15,000 in a mortgage to get it done.

So on to the crazy Palm Beach home search that consumes me and takes all my time and energy from the important things.

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