Thursday, July 21, 2011

Evergrene Home Back on Market

So as the days move forward, a "New Listing" just came on the market in Evergrene, a beautiful Eliston model with the office downstairs, large loft, pool, not much yard, and nice upgrades. We infact put an offer on this home when it was on the market 3 months ago.. So it's not really a new listing as much as a resurfaced listing. The house is amazing, layout OK, impressive on the inside.. So what do we do.. As you probably read from the last Blog we are waiting to hear on the Tuscany house in Jupiter which the BPO was finally ordered, when that gets done??? So the phantom property, again holds us back from an offer on a real property...

The house in Evergrene is over 4,000 sq ft under air with amazing upgrades and no yard but beautiful pool, the one in Tuscany is seriously missing upgrades, but offers around 3500 sq ft under air, no pool.. I wish I could decide, hubby said he would prefer Tuscany home and him saying that means something, but the Tuscany home would end up being for numbers sake.. $500,000 for the home..$50,000 for upgrades, and $35,000 for pool and in the end, you would have spent $585,000 for amazing 3500 sq ft home on the preserve with a pool.. The Evergrene house I thought of putting a one time offer of $675,000 so for $90,000 I would have 500 more sq ft, no work, no yard, and be in Evergrene vs Tuscany?? Any thoughts, anyone give us an idea of what to do..

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