Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Search for A Palm Beach Home

So if you have read my Distinct Estates Blog at all you know what hell I am going through trying to find a home.. As you can probably read my frusteration, maybe I am picky, maybe I just want a something amazing! Something not out there. Having come from living in a beautiful riverfront home in Tequesta, to renting a house on Jupiter Inlet Colony on the Ocean how can you move from that. We want to be in a family community seeing as we have 2 little kids ages 3 and 1, but want to be close to everything. Oh yeah and I forgot to say we have a great dane and a labrador, so can't be on a postage stamp lot.

We have bid so far on homes in: (Yup the list is that long) Jupiter Shores. Egret Landing, Mystic Cove, Evergrene, Jupiter Farms, Frenchmans Reserve, Paseos and Tuscany in Jupiter.. Wow I'm so sick of writing contracts with my name on them!! So losing foreclosure bids, in short sales, and running out of time.. Thinking we settle for OK, cause perfect will never be out there. We lost $500,000 on our last house, so maybe a bit gun shy, my own worst client. I know what it is like to work with buyers like myself and am pateient and understanding, but for myself, I am so over it.. I just want a home for the kids, I want to put up pictures, and paint my sons room blue, and be there. I love Egret Landing for the tennis courts, I love Evergrene for the location, I love Frenchmans Reserve for the ammeneties, and I like Paseos for the price. So what is the right choice, not perfect, the right choice?

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