Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Palm Beach Real Estate Sales

So after being a little disheartened by the sale in Evergrene that closed for $435,000 which was asking $689,000.. A new listing in Evergrene came on the market today... Asking $685,000 Short Sale of Course

So if I didn't offer on it I would be foolish, but being the first to offer on the first day listed, offering low, is not always the smartest thing to do!! But how can you not.. We put an offer on the house, not as low as tthe $435,000 but not near there $689,000 ask.. It doesn't have the crazy beautiful upgrades the others have, but it has the square footage and the lake view. So now it is in the seller and the banks court..

I guess I will wait and see but scared they say no and scared they say yes.. What if we hear from Tuscany and they say yes? I liked that home, but I do like Evergrene better! What if I go from no one saying yes to everyone, isn't that life all or nothing.. We say no to Tuscany to find out Evergrene says no a month later.. One of these short sales has to come through soon!!

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