Thursday, June 21, 2012

No one has ever said its time to BUY like these interest Rates

Its crazy how low, interest rates have now gotten. When everyone said they couldn't get lower they continue to decrease. Interest rates fell on a 30 year fixed to an average of 3.66% according to Freddie Mac. The rate for a 15 year fixed dropped to 2.95% which is just bellow the record for a 15 year fixed loan. If anyone said here is the time to buy, its the interest rates as they have been making properties affordable and investments make positive sense.

In this Palm Beach Real Estate market, the market and sales seem to have increased.. We have not seen any crazy summer lulls and prices seem to be stable. Rental properties seem to be a great investment as many people whom had short sold there home need a place to rent while they are getting there credit back on track.. With rates so low, return on investment is becoming much more promising allowing a much greater return..

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