Thursday, June 20, 2013

Distinct Estates - Tampa Florida Homes are Selling Like Mad

Distinct Estates real estate company is a south Florida company originating in Palm Beach county Florida, with agents from Vero Beach on the treasure coast, south to Miami Gardens, and also an office in Tampa Florida. Each agent is a professional for their respective lead areas, as they live and reside in them. All across south Florida, homes have been selling like hotcakes. What was once a market where homebuyers could really take their time on their major decision has given way to a rapid fire market. Homes are going off the market just as quickly as they have been put up for sale, often being sold for their asking price or higher, and sometimes in less than 24 hours. This phenomenon known as “flash sales” has carried over to the west coast of Florida for Tampa homes. Just as quickly as these Tampa homes are going up for sale, they’re being snatched up under contract by cash buyers and investors. This trend has turned the tables entirely making the Tampa home market a sellers’ market according to numerous Tampa local news forums. All around, these “flash sales” are proving to work out well for our Tampa Florida agents that are keeping quite busy!

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