Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Palm Beach Florida - Swanson Mansion Sets New Record

Palm Beach Florida is one of the most desired places to live in the entire world. Well-known for its distinctive architecture with European inflections, beautiful beaches, and high-end shops and restaurants. Palm Beach island itself has an enormous tourism draw of people from all around the world, coming to see how the wealthiest of the wealthy live everyday.
Recently, a Palm Beach estate known as the Swanson mansion sold brand-new for $42 million dollars, after being listed for some time at $74 million. This is the second-highest known price paid for a home on Palm Beach island overlooking Lake Worth in history. Stipulated, of course, that said home does not have private beach access, and is on the South End. But still, a record is a record. The Palm Beach mansion was completed in 2011, yet these are the very first owners to move into the estate. It stands on two and a half acres of land, and has 200 ft. of waterfront, on Palm Beach's Billionaires Row. The mansion was first being offered at $84 million dollars privately, then was entered in the Multiple Listing Service at a price reduction of $10 million. Forbes named the mansion in their Top 10 list of most expensive property in Palm Beach.
Fortunately the new owners are quite satisfied with their brand new custom Palm Beach mansion.

Information derived from Palm Beach Daily News.

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