Monday, July 8, 2013

New Proposed Development for Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Soon to come to Palm Beach Gardens, a megadevelopment of over 7,600 buildings including homes, offices, retail shops, restaurants, a children's hospital, and even two more universities including Keiser University and Everglades University. The owners of the Vavrus Ranch property in western ranches have made the proposal to convert the expansive land, supposedly larger than both Ballenisles and PGA combined, on over 5,000 acres combined. This Palm Beach Gardens property was originally considered for the Scripps Research Institute, and was originally purchased for a whopping $30 million. This new Palm Beach Gardens new development is supposed to be called "Avenir" as it is supposed to have a series of Venice-like canals running through the pristine landscape. The construction of this Palm Beach Gardens new development is also supposed to help alleviate some of the flood waters that bog down the Corbett natural preserve area, with its purposed 1,500-acre flow-away that is supposed to redirect flood waters to the Grassy Waters catchment area. This purposed Palm Beach Gardens new development should bring a healthy boost to the already growing area, as well as add more opportunities rather than a new slew of empty designer houses. Palm Beach Gardens is already one of the nicest cities to live in south Florida, with the way things are proposed to go, Avenir should help boost that reputation. Presently the area is only zoned for 400 homes, so the proposed 5,000 homes may take some negotiating. Plus the city of Palm Beach Gardens still needs to approve the new development which could take years of negotiating.

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