Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Construction in South Florida - Tips for Building a Home

With a very profound shortage of inventory for existing homes in south Florida, many home-buyers are taking to new construction to obtain their true dream homes. But building south Florida homes is a task easier said than done, the process can be exhausting and sometimes extend over a long period of time. We've decided to throw south Florida home buyers a few tips for constructing a south Florida home from the ground up.
First and foremost when building a south Florida home, make sure to avoid trying to act as your own general contractor. General contractors are meant to take on a "coach" role to organize and get into place all of the appropriate subcontracting entities. These people are well-connected with subcontractors, and will guarantee that quality work will be produced as general contractors can hire subcontractors for many future jobs, whereas you the home owner will likely only hire them once in your entire life. This gives them the incentive to execute the job quickly and with the utmost precision. Working with a general contractor will end up saving you money in the long run as they will keep your project within budget and right on schedule.
That being said, try not to be too complacent when building a south Florida home. Be a part of the decision-making process, and make sure that any contracts are reviewed by a lawyer thoroughly before being signed. Try not to cut corners on the budget for your south Florida home, a builder may try to appeal to you with a lower price estimate then tack on fees later. Make sure the quality of the materials being used to construct your south Florida home is of the utmost for your budget, lower-priced materials typically indicate a lapse in quality, which could end up creating problems with your home in the future.
As the old adage goes, "Location, location, location". Another important tip to consider when finding a place to build your south Florida home is to ensure it is in an ideal location. Aside from the obvious requirements, such as being in a safe neighborhood near amenities, there are a few other things to consider when finding a place to build your south Florida home. An issue that many have run into when building south Florida homes lies in the geographic location. Make sure that you choose a lot that has an even slope, isn't too close to breaching the water table, and isn't on tough terrain or swampy terrain. Another obvious tip is to observe the size, type, and quality of the other south Florida homes in your prospective neighborhood. A large Mediterranean-style house may stick out like a sore thumb in a neighborhood of predominately small ranch or Victorian style singe family homes. Having a south Florida home that doesn't match the neighborhood it is located in can lead to issues regarding re-sale later on down the road. In a community of large south Florida homes, it's tough to sell the smallest home in the neighborhood, for example.
Last but not least, the most important tip to consider when building south Florida homes: utilize common sense. When establishing a budget to build your South Florida dream home, always make sure you allot an adequate buffer for unseen complications. Always remember that even the best laid plans oft go awry, and unseen expenses come up more often than not when building south Florida homes. This is a good approach to take even if unforeseen complications do not arise, that's just extra money to put back into savings or to use for some nice finishing touches. And most importantly, make sure that you extensively research south Florida builders to find the one that is the most suited for you. Make sure to choose the builder that is most likely to make your south Florida dream home a reality within or even under budget in a timely manner.
Consider your building options when shopping for south Florida real estate. And make sure to check out south Florida communities such as Canyon Trails Boynton Beach by GL Homes, and MiraLago Parkland by Lennar Homes. These south Florida communities offer model homes that are customizable down to the hardware finishes, or offer cleared plots of land to start from scratch with building your own dream home. When looking at real estate in south Florida, always remember to consider new construction options, and achieve your dream home in just a short matter of time.

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