Monday, November 11, 2013

South Florida New Construction Makes a Come Back

For the past six years, the South Florida new construction market has been nearly driven under with a profound lack of demand. Now that the south Florida housing market is beginning to make a come back, there is a renewed populous of home buyers looking for luxury purchases just under $1 million. Smart homes with remote security features and automated lighting/shades are becoming more and more prominent on the South Florida real estate market for under $1 million. Luxury home buyers are regaining confidence and the ability to purchase a luxury home in this newly revitalized market. The only problem is, that there is not much to choose from as far as inventory goes. This renewed demand for new south Florida homes is a prominent force behind new construction going back in to motion. Builders and contractors are finally starting to see a break in the clouds as luxury South Florida homes are back in demand. Much of the stunning new automatic technology that once came with a $1 million plus price tag is now being offered for around $600,000 - $900,000, in cities such as Delray Beach and Boca Raton. These features being offered in Palm Beach homes and Broward homes are slowly but surely bringing the south Florida real estate market back to life, in addition to the construction industry. These changes have south Florida real estate experts optimistic that there is a bright future in buying and selling Palm Beach and Broward homes, especially in new construction.

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