Thursday, January 9, 2014

Palm Beach County Foreclosures Down and Prices are Up

Palm Beach County had the lowest amount of foreclosures since 2006 with under 10,000 foreclosures in all of 2013. This is a near 36% decrease from the year before in 2012. Foreclosure drops had been occurring all year long as Palm Beach Home prices have been increasing at substantial rates.

Miami Dade foreclosure rates and Broward County have seen significant drops as well as homes have been selling and inventory is at a low.

The Standard & Poors home price index for Broward, Palm Beach and Miami Dade rose approx 15.85% from a year ago. It was the 21st month in a row with a continuous gain.

Florida home sales are on a rise, and with such cold winters up North, I would expect to see more growth continue.

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