Tuesday, January 7, 2014

President Country Club West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach just approved the largest redevelopment since City Place. The President Country Club in West Palm Beach is getting a huge makeover. One of the two golf courses will be torn down and a commercial zoned 3 story 250 room hotel is going to be built. Rental Resort Villas as well as 94 single family homes are part of this plan for The President Country Club redevelopment.

Resort planned at the Land of the Presidents in West Palm Beach
Photo Courtesy of the PalmBeachPost.com 

These plans were crafted in 2012, as the new owners of The President Country Club proposed plans to remove the north golf course and turn it into a resort, spa, hotel, homes, and offices. This could be a giant boost to the Palm Beach Lakes area and be a driving sales force.

The North Course, known as the Patriot Course offered 119 acres of land for the redevelopment. Palm Tree Management paid $11 Million for the club in 2011, after it suffered financial troubles after the clubhouse renovation.

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