Thursday, January 9, 2014

West Palm Beach Condo Chapel By the Lake Update

Brand New Construction West Palm Beach condo proposal gets scaled down in size, in order to try to get approved by the county. The project's proposed site is The Chapel By The Lake on South Flagler Drive.

The developer will be submitting a newer design to City Hall reducing the size of this West Palm Beach Condo to be shorter and narrower. They are expecting to reduce the size of the current plans around 20%.

Developers will submit 2 designs to City Hall for review:
1. Reducing the number of units from 96 to 76
2. Building a narrower 25 story building with an angle to maintain the views of the intracoastal or a wider 22 story building

Chapel By The Lake in West Palm Beach was part of the First Baptist Church, and offered members a beautiful place to worship. First Baptist sold the Chapel by The Lake Property for $23 Million. Developers are hoping to sell units for around $5 Million per unit.

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