Friday, August 23, 2019

Westlake: A Brand New City Coming to Palm Beach County

Westlake: A Brand New City Coming to Palm Beach County

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Freshly manicured streets with names like Rain Lilly Way make up the newest city in Palm Beach county, the City of West Lake. Minto communities, who had built the city of Tradition, in St Lucie county, hopes to bring the same all-inclusive idea to Palm Beach. Similar to Tradition, this would include a downtown shopping center, restaurants, a fire station, hospital, and other services. All of which are within golf cart ride away from any home within the city. Each brand new home usually has a golf cart parked in the drive way for an easy way to get around. Residents and their guests can enjoy the Westlake Adventure Park which features a concert pavilion, grill and picnic areas, a splash zone and lagoon style pool. Additionally, 50 acres has been set aside for a sports fields, basket ball courts, and more.  This leaves the question of how the city of Westlake will handle the seemingly rural lifestyle out of it's pristine, quiet gated community.

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Westlake is located in the center of Loxahatchee, an unincorporated and also the most recently added city to Palm Beach county, where there were once orange groves and Florida wetlands. Many residents of Loxahatchee often purchase or rent in this area due to the more affordable cost of housing and because the land is not governed by a municipal corporation. This means there is much less restriction on aesthetic home maintenance, noise levels, animals, and vehicles. While most residence are conscientious of their neighbors, you will most likely see loud swamp buggies and an array of wild and domesticated animals. These two different lifestyles will have to find common ground quickly.

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